Summer MCAT+/DAT preparation academy

MCAT 2014 staff and students at WNMU

MCAT+/DAT Students and Staff, 2014

The MCAT+/DAT Program is an intense and rewarding six-week summer camp offered in partnership with Hidalgo Medical Services, Gila Regional Medical Center, and WNMU held at the Natural Sciences Department at Western New Mexico University, for college junior, senior and graduate students. MCAT+/DAT is designed to help strengthen MCAT+/DAT test scores and to train pre-medical and pre-dental students to become competitive when applying for medical school. This free, six-week, academically rigorous program provides a learning environment for pre-medical and pre-dental students. Students are expected to approach the experience with a commitment toward scholarship and excellence.

Tentative Date: June 5 – July 19, 2017

The Academy offers students:

  • Over 50 hours of in-class test prep instruction covering the four sections in the MCAT/DAT
  • Online access to KAPLAN MCAT/DAT material to support instruction
  • Presentations from WNMU Natural Sciences Departments
  • Mock interviews and application workshops on the medical school admission process
  • 5 proctored full length MCAT/DAT exams, complete with performance analysis
  • Networking with peers who share the same interests
  • Tours of the health care teaching facilities at Hidalgo Medical Services
  • Cultural competency training


All prospective participants must:

  • Be a New Mexico resident;
  • Demonstrate interest in pursuing a health career;
  • Have a minimum GPA of 2.75 on a 4.0 scale;
  • Be a college junior, senior or graduate;
  • Have completed 8-credit hours of general biology, 8-credis of general chemistry, 6-credits of physics and 6- credits of organic chemistry;
  • Bring their own laptop;
  • Plan to take the MCAT or DAT by the first of January after completing the Academy;
  • Commit to the full six-week program including mandatory orientation and a mandatory graduation;
  • Attend all of the group and individual study sessions;
  • Comply with the WNMU and Hidalgo Medical Services policies regarding conduct, academic honesty, and lawful behavior;
  • Be willing to remain in contact with the FORWARD NM office beyond our summer program.

Click here for more information on the MCAT+/DAT Academy and here to apply!


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