Nonprofit Resource Group

The Nonprofit Resource Group (NRG) is a program of the National Center for Frontier Communities (NCFC). NRG provides assessment, training, capacity building and consulting services to nonprofits, coalitions, and health service organizations in rural and frontier communities.

Nonprofits and other community organizations and coalitions form an essential piece of the larger social safety net, and are on the front lines of identifying and delivering essential human services in their communities. To do all this, nonprofits need to be strong, resilient and innovative.

CHI has worked closely with NRG and NCFC to promote collaboration and efficiency between the public and nonprofit sectors in New Mexico. This effort resulted in the passing of HM129, requesting that the New Mexico legislative council create an interim legislative work group on nonprofit and public sector collaboration.

NRG staff and consultants help improve capacity and sustain nonprofits and other community organizations so that they can fulfill their missions effectively and sustainably, in partnership with private business and government.