About Us

The Southwest Center for Health Innovation (CHI) is a nonprofit organization focusing on community health. Our mission is to develop and implement policies, strategies and models in underserved and underrepresented populations at local, state and national levels to improve quality of life, health status and equity.

We work to make healthy communities possible for all people, especially those who are typically underserved. We empower groups and individuals at a local, state and national level to determine the future wellbeing of their communities through policy, advocacy, education, and programs.

The underrepresented communities we work with often have inadequate local wealth or too few residents to support high quality services, infrastructure and economic development options. This problem can impact everything from health care to education to transportation. Government plays a significant role in the infusion of resources in small, remote and underserved places. In many communities, without the support of public programming to offset the lack of incentives for private investments, underserved communities would have little or no basis for continued existence. Our programs and advocacy help create an environment in which all communities can thrive and have a voice.