All communities deserve to have high-quality services, infrastructure, and economic development opportunities. This can be a major challenge for many of the communities we work with, which have small populations and limited resources. In order to sustain and improve vital systems such as health care, education and transportation, these communities need robust public programming to make up for their small revenue streams.

Even though public programs are essential to communities with limited resources, these same communities often have little say in the policy decisions that affect them. Policy-making is typically centralized and urban-based, while the communities we work with are often small, far from decision-makers, disconnected from the political process, and have limited political influence. As a result, the needs of these communities are often underrepresented and unheard in important decisions. That is why the Southwest Center for Health Innovation (CHI) is constantly working to ensure that these underrepresented voices are brought to the decision-making table. We help create a policy environment in which all communities can thrive and have a voice by continuously advocating and developing policy at the local, state and national levels.

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