REACH Su Comunidad

REACH Su Comunidad was a program that empowered Community Health Workers, or promotores, to address health disparities experienced by Hispanic/Latino communities. Southwest Center for Health Innovation (CHI) and our partners provided training and technical assistance to ten communities across five states as their community health workers expanded their roles beyond the clinic and into community health. Community Health Workers in these communities lead coalitions to implement thirty population-wide improvements to help develop better environments for good nutrition and physical activity. The program serves as a model for community engagement and health equity.

Funded by the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, CHI and three partner organizations formed the REACH Su Comunidad Consortium to provide funding, training, and technical assistance in ten communities across five states. Community Health Workers led community coalitions to implement population-wide strategies to improve local nutrition and physical activity environments. Read more about the REACH Su Comunidad model here. The communities that were funded, along with the REACH Su Comunidad Consortium partners, are shown in the map below.



Little Time, Lots of Success

In just two years, the funded communities made major strides in improving their local nutrition and physical activity environments. Check out their success stories below: