Fiscal and Administrative Management

Southwest Center for Health Innovation (CHI) provides support to nonprofit organizations with a public health and/or social service focus. Using a shared services model, we provide financial, program management, resource development, and organizational and systems improvement services. CHI manages several grants and contracts on behalf of, or in collaboration with three nonprofit, public health partners. Non-Profits we provide services to include:

NM Primary Care Training Consortium, a consortium of all New Mexico family medicine residency programs. The Consortium is committed to resident recruitment, quality improvement of residency training, and expansion of New Mexico primary care residency training.

National Center for Frontier Communities (NCFC). NCFC provides national leadership and builds collaboration on issues important to frontier communities. NCFC initiatives include advocacy for frontier policies and programs, monitoring frontier definitions and their application and supporting activities and models that address social determinants of health, equity and capacity improvement in frontier communities.

National REACH Coalition, a non-profit organization committed to the elimination of racial & ethnic health disparities and the advancement of health equity. The National REACH Coalition leads a national network of community-based organizations, whose purpose is to strengthen the quality of health and preventive services in both urban and rural communities.